Mobile is hot -- and still growing.

  • digital media engagement: last year in the US, "mobile first surpassed desktop" (comScore: The US Mobile App Report; download requires registration)
  • "Nearly half of the average US and UK Top 100 digital media property‚Äôs audience ONLY visits via mobile platforms." (comScore: p. 25 of The Global Mobile Report)
  • data on mobile was up 69% in 2014 (KPCF: slide 13 of the 2015 Internet Trends by Mary Meeker)
  • advertising: mobile represented about 29% of digital ad budgets in 2014, projected to surpass 70% by 2019 (eMarketer: Mobile Ad Spend)
  • developers: in the Stack Overflow 2015 Survey, mobile rose to 9.1% -- surpassing desktop for the first time.
  • education: "70.8 percent of district leaders said that mobile tech has been adopted in at least a quarter of their schools" (article: Mobile Devices)
  • messaging: several 'chat' apps have hundreds of millions of users, and chat could even become a distinct platform (source: Andreessen Horowitz blog post by Connie Chan)


DIY (do-it-yourself) and more!

  • tech: the 'Maker Movement' is a tech-influenced DIY community / culture, associated in part with MAKE Magazine and Maker Faire
  • local hardware and people: Is it a Hackerspace, Makerspace, TechShop, or FabLab?
  • 3D creations can be bought and sold at Shapeways.com
  • Instructables.com provides an online place to learn from others and share both creations and 'how to' info
  • crafts and commerce: Etsy lets you 'shop directly from people around the world' while giving visibility to small-scale producers
  • crowdfunding / crowdsourcing: Kickstarter, Indiegogo provide advance funding to creators in exchange for perks and/or the future product
  • Quirky combines community input with a full-time staff to bring products to market
  • hardware startups: accelerators such as HAX are helping to turn ideas into tangible products that can scale
  • Internet of Things (IoT) seems to fit in here somewhere...


What happens when you combine mobile + makers?

From the mobile side, perhaps it's a self-taught coder or Indie iOS Developer or Indie Android Developer.

From the maker side, how about a bit of electronics the size of a quarter to facilitate 'wearable' tech? Or, for fun, powering a little robot with a retired smartphone?

What do you think?

Scott at PreFab Software dot com